A Video Series in Four Parts


Enrich your life through learning, practicing and experiencing Mindfulness.

Connect with others already engaged in daily awareness.

Create & cultivate a higher state of health & well-being through self-awareness.

Shift into a coherent powerful field of energy with the heart and mind.

Begin living in the NOW, the present moment in joy, inner peace and love.

Build a foundation for further deepening into mindfulness.



This four-part video course is designed for creating a higher state of health and well-being through self-awareness, and offers a foundation for on-going development of further deepening into mindfulness.

Take away practices, both formal and in-the-moment, that will help shift the way you move in life situations with more coherence, ease and resilience.

The course itself consists of an Introduction to Awareness (watch the Free Preview below) PLUS 4 individual 30-minute sessions:

  • Breathing Into Peace - Breath Awareness
  • Our Physical Body - Body Awareness
  • Conscious Alignment - Emotional Awareness
  • Our Mind - Thought Awareness

Additional bonus course content includes:

  • 2 Guided Audio Meditations
  • 1 Alignment Practice Instructional Video
  • A Mindfulness Practice Reference Sheet
  • An Affirmations Reference Guide

What you can expect to learn:

  • Relate to the practical foundations of everyday Mindfulness.
  • Identify the benefits of Breath, Body, Emotional and Thought awareness.
  • Apply practices in all awareness areas that can be easily incorporated into daily life.
  • Experience a fresh heart centered state of self-awareness
  • Empower yourself to change limited, even destructive patterns/habits/beliefs.
  • Demonstrate how to embody loving kindness towards yourself and others.
  • Practice the inner capacity to notice and experience what is arising… without judgement, attachment, or resistance.
  • Embody mindfulness practices for being/living in the NOW, the present moment.

What you can expect to experience:

  • Experience conscious breath exercises, physical, feeling and thought awareness practices, and meditations for body, mind and spirit.
  • Start noticing and experiencing what is arising within without judgement, attachment, or resistance.
  • Taking action towards reducing anxiety and depression in your life.


John Fick & Christine Pollock

co-founders, Infinite Alignment

Integrating mind, body and energy therapies

for Vitality, Inner Peace & Wellness

Infinite Alignment evolved through the partnering of two powerful practitioners, a healer and a coach. Christine and John came together to meld their skills into one cohesive transformational process.

They combined their vast backgrounds and experiences in energy medicine and human development with their own Spiritual development practices to deliver transformational personal healing, mindfulness coaching and personal and small group retreats. Through intuition and divine guidance, they mixed their mind, body, and spirit gifts to alchemize a magical formula that resulted in their powerful combined offering, Infinite Alignment.


Course Curriculum

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  SESSION TWO: Body Awareness
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  SESSION THREE: Emotional Awareness
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  SESSION FOUR: Thought Awareness
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